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陳玲華/Karen Chen

副總會長   陳玲華


世界十大傑出華商婦女華冠獎 第五屆得主

世界華人工商婦女企管協會總會 第九屆副總會長 

世界華人工商婦女企管協會南加州分會 2020 監事 2014-2016 會長 

中華民國僑務委員會 僑務委員

美國威剛科技股份有限公司 董事長

美國陽光國際股份有限公司 總裁

南加州中華民國高爾夫球聯合會 2018-2019 會長

全心全力輔佐總會長 宏觀視野互助眾姐妹

立足寰宇心懷世界 凝聚共識願景無窮

       2020 年是變化無常多事的一年,新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)的全球蔓延,美國疫情於三月急劇變化,確診人數激增,全美步入緊急狀態。加州政府為了應對,發佈了『Safer at Home』禁足令,鼓勵居民在家工作,減少聚會。新政的實施使得作為企業主和社會各界精英的世華姐妹們的正常生活和工作受到了極大的影響及改變。

       幸運的,在居家令發佈之前,今年 2 月 29 日,世華南加州分會圓滿成功的舉辦了會長交接及第六屆金冠獎頒獎典禮,近五百名佳賓歡聚一堂。更要恭賀今年的五位金冠獎得主之一 : 俞寧寧姐妹榮獲第八屆世界十大傑出華商婦女「華冠獎」的殊榮,為南加州分會再添一座獎盃 !


       世華是全球令人矚目的優質婦女商業團體,感謝第十屆劉琍綺總會長兩年來的辛苦服務,帶領我們走入科技的新領域。第十一屆陳阡蕙總會長資歷厚實,擁有豐富的人脈及良好的人緣。玲華非常榮幸,能受到阡蕙總會長任命,再次擔任副總會長一職,協助總會長輔導北美 21 個分會。玲華一定秉持世華宗旨,全力推動海外北美洲各分會之間的互動交流,建立網絡,開創商機交流,發展經貿。利用網路科技雲端會議,拉近彼此分會之間的距離,可以更加快速、緊密的掌握時事脈動,並聯絡姊妹感情。

       在會務推展上,歷屆總會長因應時代環境,不斷求新求變,在優秀姊妹的熱心服務下,地方會務成長茁壯。感謝柯杜瑞琴創會總會長、施郭鳳珠榮譽總會長、黃淑慧、陳上春、黎淑瑛名譽總會長,由於各位總會長始終秉持著世華優良的傳統 :『卸任、不卸職』的愛心傳承,造就了世華卓越領航的女力先驅。


       在疫情期間,我們要調整生活及工作的步伐,增加更多時間與家人相處,讓我們保持心態向陽,做一個快樂的自己,迎接 5G 新世代的來臨。

Vice Chairwoman Karen Chen


The 5th Winner Of Top Ten Global Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award By GFCBW

Global Federation Of Chinese Business Women, 9th Vice Chairwoman

GFCBW-SCC , 2020 Supervisor, 2014-2016 Chairwoman

Overseas Community Affairs Council, R.O.C. (Taiwan), Commissioner

Adata Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. President

Sunshine Int’l Corp. (USA) CEO

United R.O.C. Golf Southern California, 2018-2019 President

 Dedicated to Assisting the Global President 

With Macro Vision, Support all GFCBW Sisters

Based on the Roots, with the World in Mind

Consolidate Consensus and Have Endless Vision

       2020 is a fickle year. With the global spreading of the Corona virus (COVID-19), the epidemic in the United States changed drastically in March, the total number of confirmed cases surged, and the U.S. entered a state of emergency. In response, the California government issued a "Safer at Home" ban to encourage residents to work from home and reduce gatherings. The implementation of the ban has greatly affected and changed the normal life of the GFCBW sisters as business owners and elites from all work forces.

       Fortunately, before the stay-home ban, on February 29th this year, the GFCBW Southern California Chapter had successfully held the 2020 Chairwoman Inauguration Ceremony and the 6th Golden Crown Award Presentation where nearly 500 guests gathered together for the celebration. Special congratulations to one of the five winners of this year's Golden Crown Award (aka Jin-Guan Award): Sister Ningning Yu for she also won the 8th World Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Business Women Award (aka HuaGuan Award),adding another trophy to the Southern California Chapter!

       As successful overseas Chinese business women, the GFCBW sisters have never left behind the loving tender care for the communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many chapters around the world have mobilized to donate epidemic prevention and protection supplies to hospitals, medical facilities, police departments and fire departments, demonstrating that the social responsibilities are in the hearts of female entrepreneurs of GFCBW, and letting people from all walks of life see that Taiwan's international outlook is also based on the most memorable soft side of national diplomacy.

Global Federation of Chinese Business Women (GFCBW) was founded in San Francisco in 1994. In 27 years, she has become a high-quality women's business organization that attracts numerous attentions in the world. As of 2020, she has 74 chapters around the world. Thanks go to 10th Global Chairwoman Alice Liu for her hard works over the past two years. With her scientific and technological background, she has led us into a new technical level. The 11th Global Chairwoman Sherry Chen has solid qualifications, rich contacts and good relationships. Karen is privileged to be appointed by Global Chairwoman Chen to serve as Global Vice Chairwoman assisting the Chairwoman to support 21 North American chapters. In the second term of Global Vice Chairwoman, Karen will continue to uphold GFCBW's mission and make every effort to promote interactions among North American chapters. I will help establish social networks, create business opportunities, interact among GFCBW sisters, and develop economic and commercial trades. We will use Internet technology of cloud conferences to narrow the distance between each chapter so that we can more quickly and closely grasp any current events and interconnect them with GFCBW sisters.

       GFCBW will not be this strong without the efforts put in by the past Global Chairwomen who have constantly sought innovation and have adopted changes in response to ever-changing environment. With the enthusiastic services of these outstanding sisters, local chapters have been able to grow strong. We would like to thank Founding Global Chairwoman Jui Chin Ko Tu, Honorary Chairwomen Nancy Shih, Honorary Chairwomen Sunny Huang, Teresa Chen and Shu-Ying Li. Because these past Chairwoman have always adhered to GFCBW's fine tradition: "The Term Has Completed, But Responsibilities Will Never End", they have established a great GFCBW platform for sisters to grow on.

       With the advent of the new electronic age, GFCBW would like to attract the second generation of the overseas Taiwanese business women in any ways. We would like to welcome these young people to join the GFCBW family and encourage them to grow and shine with us.

       During the pandemic, we will need to adjust our pace of life and spend more times with our family so that we can keep our minds sunny and happy. Let's welcome the arrival of the new 5G era.