總會長 黎淑瑛

Chairwoman-Li, Shu Ying


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謝美香/Mei-Hsian Hsieh

副總會長   謝美香


信利工業株式會社代表締役  社長

台灣商會聯合總會  總會長

亞洲台灣商會聯合總會  總會長

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 祝福大家 平安喜樂

Vice Chairwoman    Mei-Hsian Hsien


CEO of Shinli Kogyo Co., Ltd.

President of Japan Taiwanese Chamber of Commerces President of Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerces

Commissioner, Overseas Community Affairs Council, Taiwan

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        Thanks to the 2010 Hua-Guan Award, Mei-Hsian was introduced and then joined the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women. I was really fortunate to be given the chance to meet all my beautiful sister at GFCBW; I feel blessed and am really grateful.

        I feel privileged to be re-elected as the Vice Chairwoman once again, and I will give my all to assist Chairwoman Shu-Ying Li. To uphold Perpetual Honorary President Ko Tu's aspiration on making the world a loving and caring place, our administrative team will dedicate ourselves in response to the trust and believes our sisters have in us. GFCBW is flourishing around the world thanks to all our talented elite members. Each and every one of us shares inspiring stories on how to overcome struggles in life, and we are all resilient women with toughness. In addition to assisting the Government in expanding international trade opportunities, GFCBW also keeps Taiwan connected with the rest of the world, and this motivates me drastically.

        Over the past six months, Mei-Hsian had tirelessly visited six continents. It was the first time I did such intense traveling around the world, and while it took a toll on me both mentally and physically, I could always be rejuvenated after receiving all the cheering and caring messages from my sisters around the world. Especially in July 2016, to see a lot of my sisters in person on site in Taichung to show their support for my hard work, was a really meaningful moment for me. "New women who persevere with touching hearts” Is a new motto I have given myself this year, and while there were challenging moments, I was always able to overcome.

        Quoted from Hillary Clinton, “I have loved and been loved; all the rest is  background music." This sentence helped and accompanied Mei-Xiang while I was traveling around the world in the past 6 months. I have always believed whether in business, family, or as a team, you will achieve your goal as long as you put in practice and hard work, because hard work always pays off!

        In the future, I will continue to follow the bright path our last eight honorary chairwomen have shown us, and to serve GFCBW with full vigor and enthusiasm. I would like to ask all our GFCBW sisters to stand together and praise for our new Chairwoman Shu-Ying Li, as I am sure our new administrative team will lead GFCBW to another glorious chapter.

Wish everyone peace and joy.